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Tampa Travels: Ranking Introduction

russell and traci at venetian cabana
Venetian-level luxury not required, but it’s definitely an added bonus.

As I thought through how I wanted to recap our latest beach adventure (post coming soon!), I realized there were some common themes in our weekends, such as time with the dogs, cheesy food, and of course wine. As I share our adventures, I’d like some kind of checklist that hopefully illustrates how each of these excursions compare to one another.

Yes, I realize this is a completely unscientific approach. Did you know this is MY blog?
Now introducing… Traci’s Completely Irrelevant Rankings (better title suggestions welcome):
  1. Allows pets: Our rescue dogs Scout and Hank rule the house. And, er, they aren’t the best-behaved dogs. If we can take them with us when we’re out exploring, I’m a happy camper.
  2. Wifi: I’m addicted to my iPhone but still on my parents’ limited phone plan. Enough said.
  3. Makes us feel good about our bank account: We’re graduates of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, and while I don’t agree with all of the cash-only guru’s policies, I do get a major thrill when getting a good deal.
  4. Available Toilets: I drink a lot of water. More so than the average person. And/or sometimes adult beverages. Judge me, but I need a toilet accessible so I’m not spending every other minute wincing from bladder pain.
  5. Reachable by bicycle from our house (near downtown Tampa): When indulging in said adult beverages, I like to have company – so when it’s just Russell and me, we’re stuck with walking, biking, or Uber-ing to our location. The closer the better.
  6. Alcohol allowed: Are you sensing a theme here?
  7. White Zinfandel: This is the last booze-related category. Let me explain the specificity here: I like cheap, cheap wine. My favorite is White Zin. This category is multi-faceted, though: A location offering White Zin says something about that place, too. Like, it’s OK if you come in your flip flops. Or simply, we won’t judge you if you order a glass of White Zin. You’d be surprised how uncommon the pink wine is, at least in Florida (or maybe you wouldn’t be).
  8. Cheese-atarian Food Option: As an on-again, off-again non-meat eater with the pickiest of tastes, “extra cheese please” is one of my favorite phrases. Liquid, stinky, sliced, shredded, Velveeta, or other, a lack of cheesy goodness to soak up the alcohol (see items 4-7 above) is enough for me to shun a place.
  9. Activities to keep Russell occupied while I read: Russell’s ADHD tendencies are one of the characteristics that make him Russell. But sometimes the constant “Let’s go into the water! Let’s go fishing! Let’s go to Colorado!” pleas get overwhelming when all I want to do is sit and read a book. So if Russell is kept happy, I’m good.
  10. Gives Mom FOMO: As I detailed in my first Costa Rica trip recap, my dear mother suffers from FEAR OF MISSING OUT. Now, I don’t like to torture my mom, but she is always good for a dramatic reaction when you need one, like when you are watching an amazing sunset and FaceTime her just to make sure someone understands how beautiful it is.

So with those categories explained, let’s get on to sharing the activities we’ve been doing lately and how they stack up!

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