Must-Have Beach Gear: Backpack Chairs

A friend told me recently he rated our beach preparedness as a “10” (on a 10-point scale, of course!). So I’m beginning this Beach Gear series in which I review our supplies. Of course, we’re always looking for improved items to add to our stash, so let me know if I’m missing something.

Back in 2014, Dowlin (brother-in-law) and I watched fellow concert-goers stream past us en route to the entrance of the amphitheater in Tampa. We noted that the free-spirited, whistling, drink-toting crowd seemed to have one thing in common (besides the cowboy hats): Backpack chairs.

Russell and Dowlin tailgating at the Rascal Flatts/Sheryl Crow concert, before our backpack chair days. Note: Only ONE of us actually saw the concert due to *whiskey-related* ailments.

We watched as these smart country music fans walked hands-free, unencumbered by a pesky shoulder strap. They were able to carry a drink in one hand and take selfies with the other. I had instant chair envy. I knew we could use them at the beach, too – we’re always carrying a bag with towels and sunscreen and a big water jug. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the chairs on our backs instead? A crowd of 20,000 Sheryl Crow and Rascal Flatts fans couldn’t be wrong.

I put one on my Christmas list and it’s been a love affair ever since. We picked up a second one sometime last year and now we proudly tote them anywhere our bums need a rest.

Both of us reclining in luxury on St Pete Beach

Have to have it? Check out Bed Bath and Beyond for the 5-Position Backpack Beach Chair. This version reclines horizontally (which actually isn’t that comfortable, but I imagine there’s a use out there for it that I have yet to discover) and adds the convenience of a small cooler on the back. You can use one of BBB’s 20% off coupons to get the chair for around $32, and at the time of research, shipping is free for items over $29. Enjoy lounging!

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