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“Russ, I’m going for a shuffle!”

I originally had titled this “Russ, I’m going for a run!” but decided to keep it real. When I say run, I really mean walk at a slightly brisk pace while moving my arms in a way that passerby may mistake me for someone who is actually running.

Seriously, though, I just finished Week 6 of the Couch to 5K running plan, which is a free program online in several places that gets someone like me (who HATES running) off of the couch and slowly into a jogging habit. The goal is eventually to run a distance of 5K, or 35 minutes straight.

I started Week 1 at the gym Russell and I were trying out back in March (we received a free week trial) on the track (I hate treadmill running more than any other kind of running). It was pretty embarrassing how red I got after running 1 minute intervals and walking 1.5, but it’s been at least five years since I ran, so to be expected. Now I’m up to running 8 minutes, walking 5, running another 8 (I’m following the 5K Runner app, which is a little different than most C25K plans). Next time I go supposedly my body will take me 10 minutes straight – twice. Gulp.

If you never hear me mention this again, kindly forget I ever said anything and pull up a spot on the couch next to me…

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