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Camping at Lake Manatee State Park

On Friday around 2 p.m. we headed an hour south to Bradenton to Lake Manatee State Park, where I was able to snag the only available open spot the day earlier. Penny the Prius was packed full with supplies for the evening, including our tent, air mattress, a heavy blanket for the cold (70 degree) Florida weather, and plenty of snacks/beverages. Oh, and Hank and Scout were buckled in the backseat as well.

Cost: $32 for the campsite

Russell playing guitar after we got the campsite set up
Took the dogs for a quick walk near the lake and saw a gopher tortoise (hiding in the middle of the photo)
Meldrick and Phylliss joined us, while the dogs tried to stay awake
Crammed in the Prius on the way home

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