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Regular Tuesday Night

Today wasn’t anything special. Just a Tuesday. My first day back at work after three days off (mom and sister trip to Jamaica!). Started the day by sobbing in the McDonalds’ parking lot on the way to work after a man honked at me for accidentally getting ahead of him in line. The girl taking my order had no sympathy… “What will you have?” she repeated twice as I blubbered about the honking, hoping she would validate my frustration.

But anyway.

Had to leave work early because I’m getting my Office suite reinstalled, and that’s when the day turned around.

Russell and I rode (biked and longboarded) to tour the new Jewish Community Center and gym by our house. We returned Russell’s movies and ate at BurgerFi. Went to CVS for a snack and to Rolling Oats to fill up our waters. Then we sat on the couch and I watched Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy while Russell worked.

Nothing exciting. Pretty boring. But it was great to be home with this guy (the one with the beard, not the one with the collar on – although it was nice to be with him too!).

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