When week night life gets you down…

As in, too down to move off of the couch…

Grab your laptop. Open up any number of online shopping sites. Feel the money ooze from your bank account and breathe a sigh of momentary relief…

Followed by a panic attack at midnight that you spent so much. GAH MY 401K WHO WILL PAY FOR CATARACT SURGERY WHEN I’M 74????

One way to ease the sure-to-occur, panic-induced insomnia is to find some great deals. Because that way, if you’re purchasing things you NEED at a good price, you’re basically making yourself money. As a lump on the couch, bringing in income. It feels good.

I recently discovered While I have no doubt this is not the best online site for daily deals, it worked well for me. Here are some items I snagged at premium prices:

  • $30 New Balance shoes for Russell. My PE-teacher husband goes through shoes like Hankerson goes through stuffed animal toys. I’ve tried to get him hooked on non-name brand ones from Burlington Coat Factory (yes, if you’ve noticed, I have a slight obsession), but being the stylish hunk he is, he prefers to wear items that the kids won’t laugh at. These did the trick (all with free shipping, too!):
    Me just now to Russell: “Hey, did you wear your new shoes to work?” Russell (absent-mindedly): “Yeah, they got &%$@ed up…” Me: Glad I already ordered a backup pair…
  • $4.99 Grey Scoop Neck Crisscross Crop Top from SheIn. I’d like to defend this purchase before you judge me. 1 – I thought this was a sports bra, and having just purchased a crisscross bra from Old Navy I thought I was snagging a heck of a deal at $5. 2 – I am hoping I can still make it work as a bra because although I’ve lost 30 lbs in the last six months I don’t know that I’m qualified for the crop top clique yet.
    The top seemed to run a little small, which was also what I experienced with the next item.
  • $15.99 Blue Polka Dot A-Line Dress. A few days later SheIn got me again on with this ADORABLE polka dot dress. I have a soft spot for polka dots, A Lines, and things under $20 like Scout does for lizards. Like the “crop top” above, this ran small – but unlike the top, I should have ordered a L, not M. 
  • $5.99 Iowa Hawkeyes Mural Love Drawstring Backpack from FansEdge. We had one of these drawstring bags we used constantly but ended up leaving it in Costa Rica during Kelli’s wedding. While she gave it back last time I visited, I couldn’t resist this deal. I also got a Tervis Tumbler (one for me, one for someone else – my personal shopping motto according to Russell) for $2.99 with a lid!! It will be a Christmas present for that person (yes, that spreadsheet already exists too).
  • $12.99 3Pack 3ft 6ft 10ft iPhone Cable iPhone Charger Nylon Braided Charging Cord for iPhone SE/6/6s/plus, iPad Air/Mini,iPod Nano/Touch(Gray). These don’t get the best reviews online but for $12.99 and in my desperate state of needing chargers, I clicked “yes please.” So far so good.
  • $5.35 Loft Fringe Shorts. I’m currently at a short shortage down here in Tampa. Losing weight has been great for my self-esteem but you know what works even better? Clothes that fit. So when I see a good deal I haven’t hesitated to take advantage of it. And I “needed” shorts… In a different color than black, blue, and hot pink…

And they are a side zip. I have read this is the most flattering style of pants/shorts to have. I’ll report back.
That’s it for online shopping with… Not too shabby of a haul for under $100!

Next in my online shopping series, I’ll share tips on another good couch depression activity: How to lose money and an entire afternoon by perusing and purchasing from ThredUp.

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